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Such an amazing experience my initial Reiki session was, opened up so many new doors of opportunity and healing for me. Norma is such a genuine, beautiful soul that she radiates a pure light in everything she does! My gratitude for Norma, her guidance and friendship is eternal♡A session with Norma is worth its weight in gold📿🙏💞 Norma is a Reiki master and teaches Reiki, she is a caring, devoted teacher and I am glad to be a part of that process TY Norma for the amazing opportunity to be a student of yours🙏 It is an honour!📿🙏🦋

Jennifer Marshall

My session with Norma @ Harp to Heart Healing was as amazing as I had hoped.Norma has created a beautiful sanctuary practice space that you feel both relaxed and safe during your treatment with her. I highly recommend Norma and will be coming back again another time. Just what I needed to help me clear emotional blocks and baggage I had been carrying.

lisa bennett

I never fail to be astonished by how accurately Norma is able to read into one's situation. How one's choice of a card and the accompanying text will be so truth-telling, how her choice of the oils and their underlying benefits & support will also deepen and expand clarity, insight & understanding. I always come away from a session enlightened, lighter and with a clear sense of purpose and direction. The Reiki and the harp music which conclude a session integrate and sooth and are profoundly healing. Thank you Norma.

Miriam Ford

I completed my Level 1 Reiki with Norma recently and it was the most amazing experience of my life. Norma is a truly gifted, natural, genuine and beautiful teacher. She is full of wisdom and genuinely loves to see her students grow. I felt nurtured and very encouraged throughout my learning.

Petrina Ogrady

I feel very blessed to have had Norma as my Reiki one teacher. She helped me put any anxieties and doubts I had about my ability to perform reiki, to rest. The two day course was very enjoyable with Norma’s approach being very hands on and interactive, so we learned by ‘doing’ and not by reading. It was an experience I’ll never forget and I went away inspired, enthusiastic to practise and excited for the future ahead.

Joanne Peters

Now that it's been a few days since my reiki session with Norma, I feel that I can really speak on just how good it is.I have had reiki healing before from many sources over the years and I had felt that they were all extremely helpful, but my experience with Norma this week was unique and very potent.As soon as I entered Norma's space, I felt so nurtured that tears began to flow freely out of relief. Norma actually took time and energy to feel into my energy prior to the session and when I arrived everything was arranged in a way that was personal to me. It was because of this, and Norma's gentle, nurturing presence, that I was able to receive a healing so deep that it cleared the energy of my throat completely, something that myself and other healers had tried to work on for years in many different ways - it was something I was born with. Norma heals in a multi-sensory, multidimensional way, using taste, touch, smell, sound, insight and her direct link to source to create a space that is undeniably uplifting. Any resistance simply melts away.I have noticed so many positive changes in myself and in my environment since then. Even as soon as I stepped foot out of the building a dragonfly hovered above me all the way up to the main road.If you are reading this review, go ahead and book yourself in ASAP with Norma, your heart and your higher self will thank you. She's the best one!


Norma is such a beautiful and authentic person and healer. I have joined in celebrating with Norma and other women for the Autumn and Summer Equinoxes as well as the Solstice events that she holds every year.Norma offers a safe healing space for everyone and offers 3 hours of wisdom, celebration, delicious vegan food made with love, sacred ceremony and her healing harp and flute music.I have also had a magical Reiki healing session, including the use of sacred oils, flower essence drops and the healing of her harp and sound healing. I floated out of her sacred space.Norma is intuitive, wise, compassionate and has such integrity. She shares with her whole heart.I feel very privileged and blessed to have met such a kind and wonderful woman and gifted healer.Thank you Norma, you make the world a better place.Blessings always, Deborah

Deborah Hall

Be uplifted into the healing realm of the heavens, that is what Norma brings to all of her sessions. Words do not give justice to the magical experience and the wonder of being in the presence of angels and other beings. How blessed to spend time with Norma, it is well worth it.

Serafina Alberti

Norma is my earth Angel guiding me always. I couldn't do without her.Her recently released music is exquisite, I listen to it every day.Norma thank you for being my guide ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Maria Rinaldo

I attended my first Autumn Solice and it was amazing, I felt lighter like something had been released from inside me. Looking forward to attending more.I have been having Reiki with the beautiful Norma for 7 years and have found it so healing and beneficial for my cancer journey. I feel the Reiki has helped me through the process of being in remission and would highly recommend her to anyone. Clients that I have sent to her have felt wonder after their session. If you haven't experienced Reiki now is the time to do it. 100% recommend Norma. Love and light to her.

Margaret George

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