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Harp to Heart Healing is a sacred space where great care is taken for you to feel safe and supported during your treatment.

All personal information is held in the strictest confidence.

Many Blessings, Norma.

Online Sessions

These sessions are conducted online via Zoom or on the phone and are available to anyone around the world.

Fantastic Client Reviews

Had my first Reiki experience today with Norma. She has been excellent and made me feel so comfortable and calm. I highly recommend Norma.

Mei-Lin Yong

Norma is such a wonderful soul. She is a natural healer and genuinely wants the best for you. A session with her has helped me put my life into context. Just one session with her and I feel completely rejuvenated, eager to explore possibilities I never knew existed. Norma is a life changer. Every person needs to meet her, at least once in their life.

Logan Raj Kali Kavandan

I brought my wife to a session with Norma and it was like a miracle! - A life-changing experience!! Norma untapped important blockages from our past and helped my wife gain so much empowerment. She experienced physical and powerful healing in her soul. Will keep coming for many more sessions. It is simply amazing!

Andres Junca

I had my first reiki session with Norma this morning, during the session she was on point with everything. Norma was completely understanding and made me feel so comfortable to express how I feel. After my reiki session I felt lighter, happier, joyful and calm. I will definitely be going back to see Norma and I can’t wait to continue my journey to heal. Thanks again Norma, you have an incredible gift :)

Sharni Johnston-Wooster

My experience with Norma at Harp to Heart was absolutely uplifting and gave me the confidence and joy that I needed to pursue my dream.Norma is a beautiful and caring soul truly dedicated to her work as a Master Reiki Healer. Having had many Reiki healing sessions with Norma I can truly say that I feel so much more in control of my life .Feeling worthy is the way I wish to stay. I highly recommend Norma and I remain very grateful to her.

Dianne Schmid

Norma is such a beautiful individual and an amazing reiki master and healer. I had my first ever reiki session with her a few weeks ago and from start to finish I felt incredibly comfortable, she welcomed me with a big hug and helped me heal immensely. I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you so much Norma and blessings to you x

Isabella Scarmozzino

Norma is a spiritual goddess, I had visited Norma once 10 years ago and just again I went back today for a very much needed Reiki session. Her healing hands are just what I never knew I needed, she will take you to a place of higher healing with her extensive knowledge and experience, you will leave feeling immensely better not only in yourself, but in the world around you. Norma is such a beautiful person inside and out, she makes you feel welcome and has incredible intuition. Thanks again Norma, I will be back again but much sooner than 10 years!


Norma is a truly beautiful soul and the Healing Light session she provided was wonderful. Norma is very intuitive and her words of wisdom, healing hands and harp were up lifting and soul cleansing; thank you Norma.

Nicola Stylianou

Such an amazing experience my initial Reiki session was, opened up so many new doors of opportunity and healing for me. Norma is such a genuine, beautiful soul that she radiates a pure light in everything she does! My gratitude for Norma, her guidance and friendship is eternal♡A session with Norma is worth its weight in gold📿🙏💞 Norma is a Reiki master and teaches Reiki, she is a caring, devoted teacher and I am glad to be a part of that process TY Norma for the amazing opportunity to be a student of yours🙏 It is an honour!📿🙏🦋

Jennifer Marshall

My session with Norma @ Harp to Heart Healing was as amazing as I had hoped.Norma has created a beautiful sanctuary practice space that you feel both relaxed and safe during your treatment with her. I highly recommend Norma and will be coming back again another time. Just what I needed to help me clear emotional blocks and baggage I had been carrying.

lisa bennett

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